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Personality of Godhead - Part Two by Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura Prabhupāda

    Personality of Godhead - Part Two
    by Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura Prabhupāda

    (Portrait of Śrīla
    Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura
    There is an old quarrel between those who assert that God has a material form and those who assert that God is the void – both of which are quite off the mark. It is unnecessary to pick a side in this futile and foolish debate. If humankind cannot rise above such palpably wrong ideas, we are sure to breed narrowness and sectarianism and to quarrel with one another.

    We human-beings possess an intellect that is subject to error, oversight and self-deception, and that is liable to be led astray by the false testimony of our defective sense organs. And if we permit our judgement to be biased by anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and phytomorphic ideas that constitute the stock-in-trade of all human thought, we will surely become entangled in some form of idolatry.*
    * Anthropomorphism, zoomorphism and phytomorphism refer respectively to the attribution of human, animal or plant characteristics and behaviour to God.

    It will serve no good purpose if we seek to drag down into the jurisdiction of blundering, unspiritual thought the Entity who transcends such thought. Is the range of human thought really so unlimited that it can legitimately aspire to accommodate God? It is surely foolish to suppose that the apparent aspect is necessarily more important than the real entity.
    The mischief that is likely to result from any attempt to evaluate the facts of spiritual experience when they are presented to the faculty of human judgement in an apparently tangible form by the inconclusive logic of mundane experience, may be illustrated by the following amusing story:
    A poor widow put her boy through school and, by dint of begging from door to door, managed to find the wherewithal for his maintenance. The child of course began his studies with the alphabet, “A, B, C...”. After he had completed half a dozen years of schooling, the boy was promoted to study Euclid’s geometry. One day his mother overheard him as he recited a sentence from that mathematical treatise: “Let A, B, C be a triangle.”
    Hearing this, the widow assumed that the boy had been unable to go beyond the alphabet even after so many years of school. She had been at her wits’ end to find the means of his subsistence during this long period, and fell into despair.
    The poor widow made a great error of judgement. What she failed to understand was that the alphabet in the two cases were not the same, although they seemed identical to her.
    We must not assume that the entity of the Absolute is a finite, fragmented object. Nor is He an unintelligible section of the Whole, although by the constitution of our present equipment for the acquisition of knowledge, we do not have access to the whole truth of anything.
    There is both similarity and dissimilarity between the language and experience of self-realized souls and the language and experience of ignorant, worldly people. That dissimilarity is of a nature that cannot be understood by our present, defective judgement. If our existence was completely self-sufficient, there would be no God and no necessity of worship. We can be relieved of our native ineligibility for worship only by the causeless mercy of the Transcendental Object of worship.
    Adapted from The Gaudiya, Volume 45, Number 10
    by the Rays of The Harmonist team

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    Gurudeva is asking for our help – It needs reciprocation
    Srila Gurudeva: “This is sneha, mana, praneya, raga, anuraga, bhava, mahabhava. Ruda-mahabhava, adiruda mahabhava, madanakya mahabhava. If you go up, up, up then the last is madhanakya mahabhava.
    And you should understand it. Otherwise you cannot understand this topic, this subject matter. Follow me? Try to understand. I think most of you are deaf. You cannot understand what I say. Still this class is here. We have opened this college here, Chaitanya College, and started this subject Chaitanya-charitamrta. Teaching C.C. is postgraduate studies. Such subject mater is there. Such topic is there.
    So I am saying. Those who are students of that class they may understand something. Those who have been chanting this Hare Krishna mahamantra under the guidance of a Goura Priya jana a dear devotee of Gouranga Mahaprabhu for many, many years (and) if their chanting is pure, offenceless they may understand something. Others may not understand.
    Please excuse me. Because this is the class. So I am saying. Don’t blame me! I am already blamed; but what shall I do? Because I have become a teacher. And I have to do it; otherwise I will become an offender at the lotus feet of my guru. Yes, please excuse me.
    So I will explain it as far as I can. But you should all help me….

    After Class:
    Alright may you have all mercy, blessings of my guru Prabhupada and Mahaprabhu Gouranga then you can understand all these things. By their mercy. Otherwise such subject matter topic is very difficult to understand. Not an easy thng. Not an easy thing. Its post graduate studies you see. Its very, very deep confidential, deep tattva. its confidential tatva. This priti tattva, prema tattva. And Mahaprabhu give such prema to devotees on that platform.

    Alright, you are very merciful to me, giving me your association. (telling a Prabhupada disciple) So I get some opportunity to speak all these things. Otherwise to whom shall I speak? To the walls? If there is no reciprocation? Isn’t it ? It needs reciprocation. Then it will come out, come out more and more.
    Devotee: Now we have become so much indebted so we are very fearful of how we will be able to repay?
    Srila Gurudeva: No reciprocation then (pointing to his throat)…it will be choked up. If you can understand the language then more reciprocation. Such relishment is there. Therefore it is very difficult to explain this things in English. English is not such language….”
    Class CC Adi 11:14,15 25-03 93 at BBSR:
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    Sripada Premananda Prabhuji's HariKatha
    Caitanya Caritrmrta 
    Madhya Lila,Chapter 22

    Mahaprabhu is now teaching Sanatana Gosvami.
    sei vibhinnamsa jiva — dui ta’ prakara
    eka — ‘nitya-mukta’, eka — ‘nitya-samsara’
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.10

    There are two kinds of living entities: nitya-mukta and nitya-baddha. One class of jivas is free of material attachment. They offer everything for God’s service and for the service of God’s devotees. This makes them very happy. If someone takes fruits and flowers from a tree the tree becomes happy. The trees’ lives are for service. Nitya-muktas always serve and help and this makes them happy. All positive balance comes to them. Nitya-baddha-jivas are misers. They are crooked and collect everything for themselves. They don’t want to give anything to God, His family, or anyone. They bind themselves like silkworms. Srila Gurudeva would explain that silkworms collect and eat so many green leaves, and become fat and healthy, but they are afraid of other insects coming to steal from them, so they make many layers, one after the other, without any door or window, so that no one can come and disturb them. But in this way, they imprison themselves without any way to come out. The silk they use to make layers from their own body is very strong and they cannot cut it. They then sleep. But how long can they live without food? They either die from starvation or greedy people collect the silk and boil the silkworm along with the silk.
    In this world, living entities come and collect so many things. Whatever they see and are attracted to they want to collect and make it theirs. This develops into samsara. Bhunjadi narakadi duhkha. The living entities arrange prisons for themselves. This is a not only a prison, this is hell. A family man lived nearby a forest and a small puppy came out of the forest after a forest-fire consumed it. The family man took care of the puppy but when it grew up it began to eat other animals, swans, pigeons, cats, and dogs. It then had no taste for milk and rice or chapattis. The puppy only wanted blood. The family man tied the puppy with an iron chain, but the puppy, which the man had thought was a dog, was really a tiger, and was very strong. The tiger would try to kill anyone who passed by it. But the family man had affection for the tiger and would not kill or reject it. The tiger finally broke its chains and escaped back into the forest.
    sei dose maya-pisaci danda kare tare
    adhyatmikadi tapa-traya tare jari’ mare
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.13

    In this world of Maya devi, when we taste things with our tongue, we become greedy and are never satisfied. We take everything for our enjoyment. This is maya-pisaci—the witch of maya. And we suffer from three types of distress, those caused by ourselves, others, and natural causes (or the acts of the demigods). Maya sends these three kinds of tapa, which are like fires, and they always burn us. These fires punish us like we are in hell.
    We have two enemies sent by Maya-devi. When you are young, if you are very miserly, the first gift of lust will come, and the second, anger, will come. These two personalities will come and day and night they will smash you and steal the wealth of your strength and intelligence. And then the three tapas heat and punish one even more. But foolish jivas are servants of their two enemies—lust and anger. And they think lust and anger are their good friends. If you use anger towards others, they become your enemies, but people think that anger is their power. And very lusty people want to please others so that they can enjoy them, but you are really only disturbing people, not pleasing them.
    kama-krodhera dasa haña tara lathi khaya
    bhramite bhramite yadi sadhu-vaidya paya
    tanra upadesa-mantre pisaci palaya
    krsna-bhakti paya, tabe krsna-nikata yaya
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.14-15

    These two enemies we consider our friends and we give them a nicely decorated room in our heart. We dress them, feed them, ask them what they want, and take them with us to gardens and beaches.
    Once, Maharaja Dana Kuvera, the treasury of the demigods—he is not attached to his wealth, he gives wealth to those who desire to serve God—but his two sons, Nala Kuvera and Manigriva, they were embodiments of Lust and Anger. They stole the wealth of their father, Kuvera, and thought to please others and enjoy them through the wealth of their father. Kuvera became very disturbed because of his sons. He prayed to Narada Rsi, Brahma, and his seniors. Narada Rsi kindly came to help. He is a sadhu, not scared of anyone or anything. He has no friendship or animosity for anyone. He has friendship with God.
    Kuvera gave Narada a seat and discussed with him the situation. He said, “I have two so-called sons who are really my enemies. They are great sense-enjoyers and are going to destroy everything.”
    Narada Rsi knew that only nama and mantra is medicine for the living entities who are burning in lust and anger.
    Everywhere Narada Rsi went in Kuvera-loka reminded him of Vrndavan, with the beautiful forests, gardens, deer, peacocks, parrots, and cuckoos.
    Vana dekhi bhrama haya ei to Vrndavana, parvata dekhi bhrama haya ei to Govardhana, nadi dekhi bhrama haya ei to kalindi, sthavara jangama dekhi na dekhi tara murti, sarvatra nija istadeva spurti.
    He forgot the names of Narayana, and began chanting Krsna-nama and Radha-nama. Narada muni bajaya vina radhika-ramana-nama. In the forest, he chanted, “Radhe, Radhe,” as he walked everywhere. “Oh, this is a very nice place, like Radharani’s Vrndavan.”
    Suddenly, he came to a lake, where many lotuses were blossoming and many honeybees, bumblebees, parrots, and cuckoos were singing. All the birds began singing, “Radhe Radhe” along with Narada Rsi. Narada Rsi was remembering Varsana, Nandagoan, Prema-sarovara, Sanket. Wherever Sadhus go, they have relation with Vraja-bhumi and glorify the Vrajavasis, thus they bring Vrndavan with them.
    These two personalities, Lust and Anger, Nala Kuvera and Manigriva, came out of the lake naked and began to abuse Narada. “Why did you come here? What is your business? Do you want to enjoy with these naked girls?”
    They lost their intelligence because the witch of maya had damaged their minds. It was like they had a brain hemorrhage and the dam of their self-control had broke open. They had been enjoying with many naked damsels in the lake, who had shyly and respectfully clothed themselves, having come out of the lake, upon seeing Narada, therefore Nala Kuvera and Manigriva became livid with rage.
    But Narada did not hear the abuses of Lust and Anger. He said, “They are daridra-anjana—blind due to their poverty of good character and spirit. I will send them to Vrndavan.”
    He said to them, “You run and jump in the fire of Lust and Anger to try and enjoy but your heart never becomes cool and peaceful, you only burn more and more in suffering. Therefore I will send you to Vrndavan where you will find real enjoyment and happiness.”
    These two brothers took birth in Vrndavan as twin Arjuna trees and they began to do tapasya. They did not forget Narada Rsi, their guru, and Narada Rsi remembered and helped them. Guru never forsakes those he accepts as his own and decides to deliver. Sadhu-vaidya—saintly personalities are the doctors who cure the living entities’ material disease. The witch of maya flees from the sight of the sadhu-doctors. The sadhus give krsna-bhakti and send one to Krsna.
    Then jivas pray:
    kamadinam kati na katidha palita durnidesas
    tesam jata mayi na karuna na trapa nopasantih
    utsrjyaitan atha yadu-pate sampratam labdha-buddhis
    tvam ayatah saranam abhayam mam niyunksvatma-dasye
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.16
    “Dear Lord, many so-called friends have come to me and given bad advice. By following their advice they did not become happy with me or compassionate towards me. Now I am very shy. They are not peaceful. They always disturb me. But I thought they were my good friends. However, I later saw their wicked nature. Now I have good intelligence as a result of sadhu-sanga. I have taken shelter of Your lotus feet. Please accept me as Your servant and never reject me.”

    Mahaprabhu prayed like this while weeping.
    If you follow krsna-bhakti then you can become liberated and free of everything. Karma, yoga, and jnana, the so-called friends, only give you suffering. They only give material dharma and artha, and when you have a lot of artha, or wealth, then you want to enjoy, kama. Poor people do not jump and run for kama like the wealthy. Rich people are always going to nightclubs and brothels; they are always trying to enjoy. Poverty is not a curse of God. Sickness is not a curse from God. It is His mercy. But better is bhakti-sevonmukha-vrtti. When you start performing bhakti, you will lose desire for karma, jnana, or yoga-bhoga. Bhakti will give you mukti from mukti and karma, and will give you place at Krsna’s lotus feet. Then you will no longer have any bad desires, because you have given up maya-seva.
    What about our relatives? Sukadeva Gosvami told Pariksit Maharaja:
    Sukadeva Gosvami said: “Look! You think about your mother, father, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. If they have no krsna-bhakti don’t meet and talk with them. Prahlada Maharaja said they are our greatest enemies. They appear like friends but are great enemies who kill us with slow poison. Being with them, they increase lust and anger in our hearts. Staying with them, meeting with them, if they don’t follow bhakti, they will only disturb them. Automatically a bad nature will come.”
    Babies are not taught bad nature. If their parents and relatives are bad natured, then from that society or environment the child will naturally be spoiled. Therefore, don’t follow asat-sanga. Narada Rsi prayed to God, “When will my mother die so I can leave and worship You?” Dhruva did not leave his mother, however. When he was on the airplane to Vaikuntha, he looked back to try and see his mother. The Visnudutas asked him what he was looking for, and hearing, they said, “She is going ahead of you to Vaikuntha. Look! She is in the plan ahead. Why? She is not your mother, she is your guru. She taught you krsna-bhakti.”
    In this world, there are two kinds of relatives: asat-sanga and sat-sanga, dacoits and friends. Dhruva’s mother, Suniti, did not tell Dhruva to stay with her, she said, “Go and serve Sri Hari. Don’t worry about anything else. You are young; this is the best time to worship Hari. Even if you become king, this is a temporary position. If you have love and relation with God, then everything is yours.”
    Suniti tried to teach the king, but he liked his other wife, Suruci, who always taught him to enjoy. Suniti would tell the king to worship Hari, but Suruci told him, “Your life is for enjoyment. In the early morning I will give you nice food and then will massage and enjoy with you. Why wake early and do mantra and puja?”
    On one side there is a wife and on the other a knife. One is a pisaci, a witch, and one is a goddess.
    Therefore Sukadeva Gosvami said, “Mother, sister, daughter, don’t meet with them if they don’t have krsna-bhakti. If you do, your senses will be against you. Fire will come to you from them and you will uncontrolled.”
    This is not so for bhaktas and bhakti. There are two sides. Don’t forget Krsna, always remember Krsna. Smartavayah satatam visnoh vismartavyah na jatucit. Wherever upon going you remember Krsna, Krsna-nama, Krsna-bhakti, that is sat-sanga. Upon going where do people remind me of krsna-bhakti? They are sadhus and sadhu-sanga. And if you go to some so-called sadhus, and they are always criticizing others, they are cheaters, not sadhus. Laya sadhu vesa anera upadesa iha to eka mayara ranga. They are like Ravana. He wore the dress of a sannyasi, but a type of dress does not make one a sannyasi if that person is not renounced of all things in this world and attached to Krsna. Without krsna-bhakti, everything is poison that destroys us.
    People think, “Should I work, or not do work? How will God be happy?” If we have no relation with Acyuta, the Lord, then anything we do is inauspicious. And anything offered without relation to God is not accepted.
    Vyasadeva said, “Oh? You are doing tapasya, giving charity, chanting mantras? Nothing works without bhakti-yoga and relation with Bhagavan. Are Tapasi! You are like a cat, sitting in a house, with half-closed eyes, pretending to be peaceful and doing sadhana, but really looking at all the butter, milk, paneer, cheese, and cream in the house.”
    The cat thinks, “When will the owner die and I will jump and eat everything.” The cat is always cursing the owner. Therefore cats are considered inauspicious in India. It is said in Indian that if a cat crosses the road before you, you will have an accident. And if you see a cat in the early morning, it means you will have a bad die. When a baby is born and drinks its mother’s milk, the household cat will sit nearby and think, “When will the infant die, and I will drink all the milk!”
    Vyasadeva says, “Oh, giving charity! You are very charitable? Who is giving charity? Frog! Giving charity in water. Making many eggs, small black babies. And calling morning and evening, croaking to the snakes, ‘Come, eat my eggs.’ You are giving charity to demons. Who is coming for your charity? Only demons.
    One boy was with his mother, Gurudeva told, and she would give an egg from her goose everyday to him to sell in the market. Daily he had to take the egg to sell in the market, so he became frustrated and wanted all the eggs at once. He then killed the goose that daily gave an egg, thinking, “Then I will get all the eggs at once and will sell them all together in the market and will not need to go daily.”
    If the goose didn’t give eggs it wouldn’t have been killed. You give charity and then dacoits come to kill you, thinking to steal everything from you at once.
    “Oh, for your name and fame and the happiness of your mind you chant many mantras, but nothing helps. You don’t offer everything to God, therefore nothing is helpful! God alone grants auspiciousness. Surrender to Him, offer Him pranama, and develop relation with Him, then He will give you a good result.”
    If you give charity to orphans, the lame, blind, and lepers, in return, they will give you their sin and karma. You will become a shareholder of their bad karma. If you give twenty lepers food, they will bless you to become a leper like them. If you feed the blind, they will make you blind. What can they give you? Give them maha-prasada and then their karma will be destroyed and they will get liberation. Therefore you should give them, but not independently, otherwise you cannot carry the weight of their karma and after your charity you will feel so much tension. Therefore give charity to God’s devotees, and then they will give everyone God’s prasadam. Give dana to God. God gives us everything. He arranges 330 demigods to serve the living entities, but no one ever says thanks to God. Such is their crooked nature.
    Can jnana give mukti? It is not possible without bhakti. If you have desire to serve God, automatically liberation is gained.
    sreyah-srtim bhaktim udasya te vibho
    klisyanti ye kevala-bodha-labdhaye
    tesam asau klesala eva sisyate
    nanyad yatha sthula-tusavaghatinam
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.22

    You may do everything, but how can you know if it is bhakti or not? No klesa, no disturbance will be there in your mind. You will be happy, not sad, mad, or crazy. All favorable help and facility will come. Is that bhakti? No. If all problems come, more and more, but you don’t give up your bhakti, then that is real bhakti. Most people run from bhakti at the slightest disturbance. “Oh, bhakti is not for me.” Then we have never followed the footsteps of Bhakti-devi, or ever entered sadhu-sanga.
    You think only about your own happiness, then all your austerities are like threshing husk without any grain. All your austerity is useless. Nothing is helpful.
    daivi hy esa guna-mayi
    mama maya duratyaya
    mam eva ye prapadyante
    mayam etam taranti te
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.23

    Gunamayi-maya, raja-tama-sattva-mayi, how can you cross this maya? It is impossible by your own means. But Krsna says, “If you take shelter of Me, Maya-devi will never disturb you. Then sattva-raja-tama-guna will never disturb you. You will become suddha-sattva, established in pure existence.”
    ‘krsna-nitya-dasa’ — jiva taha bhuli’ gela
    ei dose maya tara galaya bandhila
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.24

    “Never forget you are the eternal servant of Krsna. As soon as you forget this, Maya-devi arrests you and gives you a nice necklace. Galaya bandhila. Then you take off your tulasi beads and put on other necklaces, or you put gold, silver, and jewels in your tulasi neckbeads.
    Madhu Pandit served Gopinatha. He wore a tulasi jacket, cap, chadar, neckbeads—everywhere tulasi. He said, “Wherever you have an empty place, Kali Maharaja will attack.”
    Our Guru-varga teach us to put Tulasi beads on our neck, that this is enough, because it protects the head, the center of Brahma, consciousness, because without a head we have no life. So we offer our head to the lotus feet of tulasi, by placing her on our neck. Then the jivas are connected to the lotus feet of God.
    Many people wear tulasi very low on their neck, because they are shy and don’t want materialists to see. They put her on their chest. This is not good. Why are you trying to hide that you are Krsna-dasa? Do everything for the pleasure of Krsna without fear of anything.
    tate krsna bhaje, kare gurura sevana
    maya-jala chute, paya krsnera carana
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.25

    Serve Krsna. Worship Krsna. Serve and follow Guru Maharaja. Following Guru Maharaja’s instructions is guru-seva. If he says, “Serve Krsna-nama,” doing so is Gurudeva’s seva, Guru will be pleased with you. Then Maya-devi will not touch you. Krsna will give you liberation and bring you to him.
    cari varnasrami yadi krsna nahi bhaje
    svakarma karite se raurave padi’ maje
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.26

    The four asramas and varnas, if they do not worship Krsna, even if they do everything properly in varnasrama, they will still go raurava, hell.
    From Brahma’s face came brahmanas, from his arms, ksatriyas, from his thighs, vaisyas, and from his feet, sudras. If the people in those social orders do not serve God, they become very proud and fall down, further and further, without protection.
    ye ’nye ’ravindaksa vimukta-maninas
    tvayy asta-bhavad avisuddha-buddhayah
    aruhya krcchrena param padam tatah
    patanty adho ’nadrta-yusmad-anghrayah
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.30

    Mayavadis, karmis, and jnanis think, “No need Krsna-bhakti. He is not Brahma. We ourselves are Brahma. We are liberated souls.” This pride is the cause of their downfall to hell. Without krsna-bhakti nothing can protect us. Our pride will not protect us. We will fall down to hell.
    krsna — surya-sama; maya haya andhakara
    yahan krsna, tahan nahi mayara adhikara
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.31

    Krsna is light, maya is darkness, wherever Krsna is, maya cannot be. She shyly runs from Krsna and krsna-bhakti.
    ‘krsna, tomara hana’ yadi bale eka-bara
    maya-bandha haite krsna tare kare para
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.33

    If someone once says in his or her life, “Krsna! I am Yours!” Then Krsna picks that person up out of maya. We cannot jump out of maya by our own efforts. We drown in maya without a chance of gaining freedom. But if we surrender to Krsna, He will quickly pick us up out of the ocean of material existence.
    bhukti-mukti-siddhi-kami ‘subuddhi’ yadi haya
    gadha-bhakti-yoge tabe krsnere bhajaya
    --Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya 22.35

    This is the power of bhakti-yoga.
    Jag-mohan Prabhu: Sometimes the nature of a witch is that she is outside looking very pretty and attractive but her real nature is that of a witch. So she hides her true nature. Is bhukti and mukti compared to a witch because mukti and bhukti is seen like a good thing, but cannot really make the jiva happy?
    Sripada Premananda Prabhu: They keep one nearby them and try to enjoy one. Like going to a place, and slowly the people there imprison you. Bhukti and mukti cannot give you real liberation. Sukadeva Gosvami therefore says, “Don’t follow your mother, sister, daughter, or other.” They will try to make you marry someone. “Family life is best,” they say. They will not say family life is poison. Materialistic family members are like octopuses or like African trees that capture and drink the blood of animals. This is the nature of bhukti-mukti-sprha. Outside bhukti is very sweet, but when you are nearby, you become lost.
    Jag-mohan Prabhu: Sometimes our motivation in doing bhakti is for freedom from suffering, so this is not real bhakti. How to renounce this desire? And how to give up family attachment?
    SPP: Chant harinama and then God will give sat-sanga and you will lose this attachment to mother, sister, father, and brother. Dhruva was with mother, but had no material relation. Sadhus are with everyone but have no relation with anyone. They always want to offer others to God and His service. Many people are nearby me and I advise them to serve God, chant harinama, serve the dhama and sadhus. But if I told them to serve me and follow my desires, this is asat-sanga, like maya-pisaci.
    Jag-mohan Prabhu: Real brahmanas consider that everything belongs to Krsna. So this is like spiritual communism. But here in the temple, we have very nice prasadam, ksira, lassi, many subjis. And I feel like that without that I would leave. So sadhus’ seem to give incentives. Like raising moneny for the Samadhi, we give devotees’ rooms here, and then they help with the Samadhi. So we know everything belongs to Krsna, but without giving some encouragement, what I am saying, so is it okay to encourage people in society to think this is mine, or is communism better, that we cannot own anything?
    SPP: No one will follow you. You are not following God. If you follow God, people will follow your instructions, even without you needing to instruct them. In the sunlight, you are energized, but not if you hide in caves. First offer yourself, then everything is pure. Sadhana is to discuss and try to take training in the training center. If you have surrendered, then anyone with you will follow a good path. But if you don’t take shelter and you speak so much advice, no benefit will come. Therefore Mahaprabhu said: Apani na kaile dharma sikhana na jaya.
    Mahaprabhu followed everything, then the jivas followed Him. But when we are sick and imprisoned by the witch of maya, how can we help others? This is our process. So if we offer everything to God, naturally everything God has is ours, because we have a relation like family.
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