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Śrī Caitanya Śikṣāmṛta - Introduction

Śrī Caitanya Śikṣāmṛta - Introduction

Śrī Caitanya Śikṣāmṛta


When Śrī Caitanya deva appeared as the son of Mother Śacī in Śrī Dhāma Navadwīpa-Māyāpura, He gave to the worldly jīvas His nectarean instructions and set the perfect example for exemplary behaviour. In this book, Śrī Caitanya Śikṣāmṛta (the nectarean instructions of Śrī Caitanya) the essence of the instructions that were exemplified by such behaviour are presented herein. For all jīvas of this world these instructions are the most benevolent gift and treasure. In order to support the contemplative philosophical conclusions, (siddhānta) contained herein, evidence from the scriptures has been quoted. Such evidence is sure to dispel any doubts the reader may have regarding any of the subject matters. Our humble entreaty to the respectable reader is that they should carefully study this book, thus making their lives successful.

Upon careful deliberation of the contents, it will become evident that the Śikṣāmṛta of Śrī Caitanyadeva is the very essence of all the revealed scriptures. The confidential truth, (tattva) that has been discovered in scriptures like the Ṛg, Sāma, Atharva and Yajur Veda, including the Vedanta, has been collected and presented in this Śrī Caitanya Śikṣāmṛta. In addition, the true essence of the auspicious instructions contained in the eighteen Purāṇas, twenty Dharma-śāstras, the six philosophical theories (sad-darśana), the tantras and the Mahabharata, are presented in the most philosophically excellent way. The reader will also discover that all of the various Indian and Western philosophies and religions currently being practiced are comprehensively covered within this Śikṣāmṛta, and whatever instructions one cannot find in either Indian or Western literature will be found in this most satisfying book.      

The instructions on Dharma, or the purpose of life, which are presented here are simple and yet profound. They are simple in that this dharma is entirely natural for even foolish, illiterate and unintelligent persons, and they are profound in that for those learned in the scriptures, and expert in logic and discrimination, such beneficial truths are deliberated upon herein. Apart from Śrī Śikṣāmṛta, it is impossible to find any other literature where this most excellent Dharma, which is applicable for all types of persons, is most beautifully discussed according to all perspectives. Most respectable persons situated within the Vedic system of Varṇāśrama, and even those outside this system, are all eligible for the instructions described within this book. If reflected upon with faith, even foolish persons addicted to the path of fruitive material enjoyment (Karmis), including those of twisted intellect, will be able to cross over the ocean of material existence. Learned scholars of tattva, possessed of broad intellect, being attracted by an impartial study of these instructions, are also easily able to attain the supreme destination. Those bound by various other theories can become uplifted by these instructions, and abandoning their frustrated intelligence can attain a broad and generous nature. It is for these reasons that I have described this Śrī Caitanya Śikṣāmṛta as the highest, nectarean wealth for all jīvas.

However, those who are bereft of faith, (śraddhā) in transcendental subject matters will have no taste in accepting these instructions. Although this point is completely true, such people, due to some piety, will in some future birth also become qualified for these excellent instructions.

Some consider that whatever is propagated in the name of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu is irreligion, cheating, full of illicit behaviour and simply the spreading of illogical conclusions. These people, who are devoid of the power of deliberation and who are absorbed in material enjoyment, are factually cheated of these instructions due to comparing the supremely pure instructions of Śrīman Mahāprabhu with such false philosophies. As we expel sorrowful breaths and lament for such persons, we pray that Śrīman Mahāprabhu will be kind to them and deliver them.

Śrī Caitanyābda-420

Resident of Śrī Navadwīpa Godrum
Akiñcana dīna vānaprastha
Kedāranātha Bhaktivinode

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