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Holy Purushottama Adhika Masa lecture by Guru Maharaja nota de Krihsna Prema

Holy Purushottama Adhika Masa lecture by Guru Maharaja
on June 27th 2015 in Delhi
The adhik maas was feeling shelterless and she was crying that no one and people were calling her bad names. So she went to Narayana and asked what to do? So he brought her to see Lord Sri Krishna, and the adhik maas surrendered at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and Krishna said "anyone who surrenders to Me, I give them special mercy". So you have My name after this, Purusottama month, and you have all the glories that I have, people worship you they'll get the same good fortune that they get when worshiping me. Of all the months of the year, the month of Kartika or Damodara is 100 times more than any ordinary month. But this Purshottama month which comes once in 3 years, it is 1000 times more powerful than the Kartik month. So, this is a great opportunity to chant, to do some devotional service, to offer some lamp to Krishna, and like that to increase their devotional service or start it.
I asked Prabhupada what should we do in the month of Kartika? He replied that, you are a regular customer, like a shop has a sale 70% off liquidation, all must go, people rushed. In some places after Christmas there is a sale day, and people camp on the roads just to be there and to get the sale. When they open the door, people rush in aahhh what can I get discount? We wish people has such enthusiasm to get Krishna's mercy. So by observing the Purshottam month you can live happily and peacefully in this life, and when this life is over then you go back to the planet of Lord Krishna in the spiritual world.
So Srila Prabhupada was saying that “like the shops that have those sales to attract all the new customers, the regular customers they come whether there is a sale or no sale they are there but the new costumers they especially come because of the sale.” So like that if people take advantage of this Purshottam month and start to do some devotional service. I talked to one lady when I was in the hospital and I said you should chant, this is the Purshottam month and you get 10,000 times the value. So you choose a minimum number that you want to do, let's say it’s 2 rounds, and one day you only do one. And the next day you would do 2 plus 1 more 3 and she said 'okay I’ll do it "and she came back and asked, "I won’t get cursed or anything if I fail one day"? Haha, and then I said "no no its no problem". So the devotees are the regular customers, they can get new people to chant, to participate.
I was very pleased to see a photo of how a particular devotee went to a park every day, he gathers like 50 people and gives out ghee wicks to them, and then they all offer ghee wicks to the picture of Krishna. Some brahmachari asked the neighbors please chant, they said "I have no time". But they have a lot of time to bathe the dog, walk the dog, so he said while you walk the dog you could chant. Anyway, there was some lady in America she left 41 million dollars to her cat, it’s not Nigeria scam, special trust fund, after she dies it will be distributed to charities. So she was the richest cat, when the cat dies the money will get distributed to charity. The lawyers were keeping the money on behalf of the cat, so the cat gets fed properly, gets a nice brushing, how much can you really spend on a cat? So, what the lady became in her next life, her best friend was her cat, and she left all her money to the cat.
Whatever you think of at the time of death, that is what you become. We are recommending people to start chanting in this Purshottam month, so that they don’t come back as a cat, dog, or anything. Better they don’t come back at all and go back to the spiritual world, where there is no old age,no disease, no death, and no birth. This month is not recommended for smartha samskars . No weddings, the smarthas they don't like this month but this month is especially good for spiritual credits.
There is 2 things, karma and sukriti. In karma you have two accounts - the punya and papa, one may give out lots of charities and build up their punya but doesn’t destroy the papa, and then they may do sinful things which builds up their papa. Usually people cash in on their punya first and when that runs out they get to papa, their sinful reactions. Now sukriti is spiritual and it doesn’t destroy, it keeps adding up but the sukrti gets affected by aparadhas. If one commits aparadha to Vaishnavas, to the holy dhama, or to the holy months, or to the pure devotees. So aparadhas can destroy the sukrtis otherwise if one is careful not to commit aparadhas the sukrtis will keep building up. If one has enough sukrti they will go back to the spiritual world.
This material world is basically a prison house, you can get a 5 star prison room by doing some pious activities but then you still have to take birth again and again like Bharata Maharaj after who this planet is named Bharata Varsha. The last thing he thought of was a deer and in his next life he became a deer, but he remembered he was the emperor of the whole world. Imagine he felt so stupid that from an emperor he became a deer, and then in his next life he became Jada Bharat. Then he was fully self realized and he didn’t want to make any mistake this time, I want to go back to Krishna.
So he acted like a foolish person although he was the most wise person on the planet. Then King Rahugana , he was riding on a palanquin, one of the bearers had a thorn in his foot. Then he said hey you, and he called to Jada Bharat "you take his place". Jada Bharat did not want to step on any ants, he didn’t want to commit any any not the slightest sin, so was jumping around from these ants. And the king said what is wrong with you fat soul? what are you doing? March! But Jada Bharat he was afraid to commit any sins, then Jada Bharat said "well I’m not skinny or fat, in fact I’m not the body at all". He answered all the things the king said, but in a higher level. The king said stop, he got down, paid his obeisances to Jada Bharat and said, who are you? how do you know all these things? Then they had a discussion, and the king became his disciple. Then Jada Bharat went back to the spiritual world, that story was so amazing even for the higher planets. They call this planet Bharat Varsha, before it was ilavartha varsha.
So like that we should be very careful that while we are in this world we should build up our sukrti, avoid sinful reactions or sinful activities, and chant Hare Krishna. So are there any questions?
Q. While preaching when asking people to chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra some of the people say that they are already chanting some other mantra given by their guru. They are unaware if their guru is bonafide or not, how should we convince them?
Answer. I don’t get into who’s your guru? Is you guru bonafide or anything like that. That comes later. I just say well there's no hard or fast rule for chanting Hare Krishna, you can chant mentally, softly, or loudly. You don’t even have to be initiated. So you chant your gurus mantras, and I got nothing to say about that. But apart from that we also have our gurus mantras, but apart from that in Kaliyuga it is recommended to chant Hare Krishna. You give them the mantra card, you tell them to chant the Panchatattva mantra first, Sri Krishna Caitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita Gadadhara Srivasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda, and then Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! And then they start to chant. It’s like when I used to fundraise, our expert fundraiser said if you want advice ask for money, if you want money ask for advice. People say ,oh I have to talk to my wife, I have to talk to my uncle, I have to talk to my mummy . They don’t talk when they want to buy a stuff. So people give excuses. I went to one shop in an executive's office, he started yelling at me. He told me I don’t want to repeat horrible things, he started criticising he said you all cheaters. I waited till he finished and I said no sir you can come and see for yourself, and I took out a picture book and showed him how we are feeding people doing this and doing that. And He was so amazed, and didn’t blow me off. He thought that by his tirade he drove me away but it didn’t work. He said I was just testing you, please forgive my offense. Then he said how much should I give? So just stick to the point, they come up with so many smoke screens. Especially here we are just asking to chant Hare Krishna, we are not asking money, we don't have no other purpose. I want them to be happy and I want them to go back to Krishna, and just say please chant Hare Krishna. So they get affected they realize that this person actually wants to help me.
2. We do house programs in the homes of different devotees, there are devotees who are following all of the regulative principles and even chanting 16 rounds, but they keep these programs in their homes with the intention of getting rid of personal anxieties. Should we conduct programs and take prasadam in their home?
A. Are they initiated? There is no harm in doing programs. The Srimad Bhagavatam has said how to relieve the mental anxieties of people. So encourage them to read Gita and Bhagavatam. Subtly introduce the difference between Sakam Bhakti and Niskama Bhakti. We hear sometimes people chant 16 rounds everyday, and in Delhi people love onions. Even the vegetarian will eat onions, so we can’t offer onions to Siva, Durga, Ganesh, Kartikeya, Hanuman or any of the Visnu tattvas . So be friends with the person first, they want to get freed from anxieties? So ask them how is it working for you? I met one guy he was chanting Hare Krishna for 26 years but he didn't feel the ecstasy. I asked him, did you chant the name of Lord Caitanya? He said no, because I come from another Sampradaya. So I gave him the Panchatattva mantra and said chant this before every 108 Hare Krishna Mantras, and I left. 3 months later I came back and the same person from a distance he saw me. He came running up to me and offered his prostrated obeisances, and he said WHAT MANTRA DID YOU GIVE ME, WHAT MANTRAAAA? WHAT MANTRA YOU GAVE ME? OHOOHO IN 26 YEARS I HAVE NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS, NOW I FEEL SO BLISSFUL. WHAT MANTRA YOU GAVE ME?
Kaliyuga is the age of quarrel, we don't want to unnecessarily end in quarrel. We have to see how to help, engage that person.
Guru Maharaj Ki Jai!

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