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Boat Pastime at Manasi Ganga-Srimati Radharani and the gopis

Boat Pastime at Manasi Ganga-Srimati Radharani and the gopis came to the bank of Manasi Ganga and wanted to take a boat across. Manasi Ganga used to be a large lake, but has gotten much smaller over the years. They were carrying their yogurt pots and other milk preparations. Unfortunately only one very old boat was available and the boatman was just a young boy dressed in a large cloak, with a peacock feather on his head. He agreed and they then bargained for a while over the price. They settled that the price would be some sweets and butter.
He rowed for a while and then just stopped. Srimati Radharani and the gopis asked Him why he had stopped. He told then that He was tired and hungry and He could not go any further, if they did not feed Him. In an angry mood the gopis refused, but when they saw he was not going to move, they relented and fed him milk-sweets. He ate everything. He then told them that he would take a nap and that they should massage His arms and legs. They told Him if He did not keep rowing they would throw Him overboard. He then started rowing again. He then stopped again and the gopis asked Him why He had stopped. Pointing to the floor of the boat he told the gopis that his old boat was filling up with water and slowly sinking due to the heavy weight.
The boatman also said that unless they threw all their heavy pots overboard, the boat would surely sink. Shocked to hear the words of the boatman, the gopis immediately threw their pots of yogurt and butter into the water. Then the boatman told them that the boat was still too heavy and that they should now throw all their jewelry into the water. Reluctantly, the gopis took off their beautiful jewelry and threw it into the water. The boatmen then told them that the boat was still too heavy and that they should take off all their clothing and throw that into the water as well. Infuriated at this latest suggestion, the gopis angrily informed the boatman that they would throw him into the water and that this would certainly solve the weight problem. Hearing this, the boatman again started rowing, but before he could get much further a storm appeared over the lake. Dark clouds covered the sky and a strong wind started to blow and the waves on the water became agitated.
The boatman could see that Radharani and the gopis were looking very frightened fearing they might all drown. In order to allay their fears the boatman started to rock his boat back and forth to show its sturdiness. At that moment, terrified that She might fall into the water, Radharani leapt forward and thrust Her arms around the boatman for safety. As soon as She put Her arms around the boatman, She realized that He was none other than Her beloved Krsna in disguise. Suddenly the clouds cleared, the wind died down, the waves became calm, and the moon suddenly appeared in the evening sky. When all the cowherd girls saw Radharani embracing the boatman they inquired about the meaning of Her behavior. In answer to their inquiry, Radharani pulled Krsna's flute from under His cloak. The gopis then realized that the boatman was actually the transcendental prankster Sri Krsna in disguise. Krsna then took Radharani and the gopis on a wonderful boat ride around all the different islands in the Manasi-ganga Lake.
This pastime is described by Jiva Goswami in Gopal champu.

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