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Eternal Travels with HH Bhakti Charu Swami - Article 1 - 4

Eternal Travels with HH Bhakti Charu Swami - Article 1 - 4






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Eternal Travels w/ HH Bhakti Charu Swami: Article 4

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Caran Abhishek which HH Bhakti Charu Swami allowed disciples to perform after *MUCH* persuasion at Amritesh Krishna Prabhu's home, Nairobi.

14th January 2012

“Djambo Nairobi!”

Despite the hectic schedule thus far, Guru Maharaja was awake early on the 14th. I however had woken up late – it was 04.13. A monumental effort saw me walking out my room and into Guru Maharaja’s room next door by 04.25, washed and dressed – though my shika was still dripping on to my kurta. Guru Maharaja was just preparing to leave the room when we heard the conch being blown. Were we late or was it early?
“We keep all the clocks in the temple five minutes fast,” informed Umapati Prabhu the Nairobi temple President, to Guru Maharaja’s bemusement. But Gurudeva largely overlooked the misdemeanour, given that Umapati has been a perennial presence and bedrock of Nairobi Temple for 3 decades.
By the time we proceeded to the temple room Mangal Aarti had begun to Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari, deities which Srila Prabhupada had himself installed in Nairobi.
This was my first trip south of Egypt in Africa, and I was under the impression that Africa was supposed to be warmer than the Asian subcontinent but both in Tanzania, and especially here in Nairobi, the weather was mild in the day and bitterly cold in the morning.
“Kṛsnarjuna, can you get my cadar please” Guru Maharaja had requested before He was due to sit down to give class in the temple room.
I rushed off as quickly as I could all the while feeling embarrassed, as Guru Maharaja had requested me using that tone surcharged with such care and sweetness.
“If Gurudeva has so much love and kindness for His useless menial servant – imagine the love he has for those who have dedicated decades to His service. Imagine the love he has for His Lord and Master Srila Prabhupada,” I thought as I ran back to the temple.
After handing the cadar to Gurudeva I sat down and began recording the class, I looked at the verse and to my chagrin Srimad Bhagavatam 3.28.44 was on the board instead of today’s actual verse 3.28.43. I was livid at the inconvenience this disorganisation would cause to Guru Maharaja,
“Should I change it now Guru Maharaja?” I asked
“No that’s all right. Just try and listen and repeat after me three times,” Guru Maharaja requested, turning His attention to all the devotees assembled. sva-yoniṣu yathā jyotir

The devotees gladly responded three times.

“Very good” encouraged Guru Maharaja, now ekaḿ nānā pratīyate

Again the devotees obliged three times. On this went until the verse was complete

“Wonderful! Why do you need a board?” said Guru Maharaja chuckling, and he then proceeded to explain three traditional aspects of learning verses which centred on repetition by the students.
Guru Maharaja had turned a reversal into something wonderful. While the initial reaction of less advanced devotees such as myself would have been to complain and bemoan the lack of organisation, Guru Maharaja simply bestowed encouragement. He had turned an inconvenience to himself into a situation where devotees had not only an unforgettable reminder to increase their organisation in future, but also a crash course into learning slokas. Small incidents like this were the times which really highlighted how elevated Guru Maharaja’s consciousness is.

“This is why I crave to be the servant of Guru Maharaja” I thought. “This is why I am trying to follow in His footsteps”

After class and breakfast prasadam we visited the Jagannath restaurant. This was run by Jaani family. The restaurant had been open for approximately two years and already it became one of the most popular in Nairobi overnight.

“Our cleanliness and reasonable price is what really makes the difference” Rajan Jaani began “not to mention the quality of our food”

“Yes, the average Kenyan’s wage is 3000 shillings per month. Of that 500 is spent on travel” continued Rajan’s daughter “so despite this being a good neighbourhood, the cost of living is too high for the average Kenyan.

“How many visitors do you get a day?” said Guru Maharaja, standing behind the serving area of the buffet style counter as throngs of customers passed by

“600 on average”

Guru Maharaja was clearly impressed by the kitchen standards, menu and great demand for the food – and it was evidently an effective vehicle for increasing awareness and appreciation of ISKCON. Many of the local customers had explained to me that the draw of the restaurant was not only the fayre on offer, but also the “spiritual atmosphere” and “sanctity of the preparations.”

Guru Maharaja had walked to the back of the large restaurant with great curiosity, inspecting what at first glance appeared to be Lord Caitanya with the animals in Jharikhand forest.

“Is that a hippopotamus?” Asked Guru Maharaja pointing at the wall

“Yes, and this is a Zebra, and that is a Wildebeest. We wanted to introduce a theme which the locals could empathise with as well”

“Oh, Ok” said Guru Maharaja smiling, and he proceeded towards the library of Srila Prabhupada’s books which was free of charge for regular restaurant goers.

On returning to His room Guru Maharaja went to take rest. I drew the curtains and proceeded to walk outside.

“Krsnarjuna, I will take some massage now”

“Ok Guru Maharaja I said coolly”, though inside I was anything but. I had always avoided giving massage to Gurudeva, firstly because I had no experience in massages, but secondly because of my filthy consciousness. How could such a wretch render such an intimate service, with the abject humility required?

 I sat down next to the bed and began pressing Guru Maharaja’s leg as Hemanga Prabhu had shown on my arm while driving to Kenya. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do.

Feeling sickened that I didn’t have the consciousness that the Spiritual Master’s body is spiritual or worshipable, I began praying to Gaura Nitai for the proper mood. Again and again I meditated on the childhood of Narada Muni, who as a result of rendering menial service to travelling Rishis, and from honouring their remnants, achieved perfection. Then I contemplated the diligence with which Govinda would serve Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, crossing the Lord’s body to give the massage, but then waiting hours not daring to cross back to leave, for what he considered his own personal convenience. Guru Maharaja fell asleep quite quickly and I paid my obeisances and left. While I was satisfied that Gurudeva could take some rest, it pained me that I was not able to offer proper relief to my spiritual master, even though He had requested me to.

For lunch we went to Amritesh Prabhu’s house. He, along with Kanchanabja and 16 year old Jagadish Caitanya Das were assisting in - or practically doing everything for - Guru Maharaja’s service. Even though only 16 years old, Jagadish Caitanya Das personally serves his Spiritual Master Gopal Krishna Goswami and many of the Sannyasis visiting Nairobi. A remarkable young devotee, he will surely contribute tremendously to ISKCON.

Soon after arriving at Amritesh Krishna’s home, less than a minute’s drive from the temple, Guru Maharaja began taking Prasad, and there must have been at least 15 preparations for Gurudeva’s delectation. I stared wide eyed at the many bowls surrounding Gurudeva’s thali, an expression of Mataji’s determination to please Gurudeva. After a few minutes, people congregated in the Kitchen, as Guru Maharaja engaged with the devotees in light discussion

“What do you know about the massi mara Amritesh?’ queried Guru Maharaja

“The massi mara is one of the natural wonders of the world Guru Maharaja” began Amritesh Krishna Prabhu, who had become a veritable encyclopaedia on all things east African since his posting there some years back “in fact it is one of the greatest revenue generator’s in this part of the country”

“Yes, Arun was telling me. Kenya often tries to take credit for the massi mara, but actually these are Tanzanian events. Tell me, are there any baboons in the massi mara?”

“I’m not sure Guru Maharaja, maybe some in Uganda.”

“Oh, Ok. You know there are many baboons in South Africa, especially near Cape Town. Well, actually there were very few this visit. I actually asked one taxi driver where they all were, and do you know what he said?” The devotees stood silently, shaking their heads and waiting for the response

 “They are in the parliament!”

Guru Maharaja broke out into laughter and all present also began guffawing. This was not polite laughter which people often give when a senior devotee cracks a joke – but this was another in a long series of eye watering moments which Guru Maharaja had delighted us with. The thought of it still made me laugh 2 hours later. That and Guru Maharaja’s Drum comment in Tanzania were better than any stand-up comedy lines the materialists can muster. Advanced devotees are expert in everything I thought. Well at least Guru Maharaja is.

The local devotees had already benefitted tremendously as Guru Maharaja’s temple programmes had all been in English, so after Prasad. Guru Maharaja had a meeting in Bengali to inspire the local Bengali community, many of whom had convened expectantly at Amritesh Prabhu’s home. After a few hours Guru Maharaj needed to head back to the temple, for what would be his final Saranagati class. But before leaving, devotees requested Guru Maharaja to autograph some of Srila Prabhupada’s books which they were reading. As always Guru Maharaja was humble and reluctant to do so, but as always Guru Maharaja lived to please and inspire the devotees so he relented.

“After all,” I thought “Srila Prabhupada entrusted the translation of all of His books into Bengali to Guru Maharaja – I am sure He wouldn’t mind Guru Maharaja signing them – especially if this encouraged people to respect and read these books.”

One by one the devotees proffered their books to Guru Maharaja who signed them and handed them back smiling. Gratefully they received them back, paid their obeisances and hurried out of the way for the next devotee. All of a sudden I had a desire to also have a book signed. Generally when devotees were receiving some special mercy I stay out of the way, knowing that I was always receiving great mercy from Gurudeva. But this was different, if I didn’t ask for a signature now I might feel awkward at a different time. I picked up the closest book available and joined the back of the queue. When it finally came to my turn Guru Maharaja studied me for a few moments and then said

“And what is your name?” He and everyone broke out into laughter. It was clear that Guru Maharaja was in high spirits from the programmes in East Africa thus far and his humour was more super-excellent by the joke.

Back at the temple Guru Maharaj commenced his last class of the Saranagati series. The local devotees seemed to have advanced discernibly towards this goal as soon after beginning the after-class-kirtan, they were up far quicker than yesterday, clearing the mats and beginning to dance. African and Indian, all were together. HG Madhava Das whose family had facilitated the devotees in Kenya in the early years, and who was instructed by Srila Prabhupada personally, witnessed much of what Srila Prabhupada demanded for the Kenyan temple

“Prabhupada wanted the Indian devotees here to help finance and establish the Temples initially. But Srila Prabhupada literally threw open the doors of His programmes in Nairobi, so that the native Africans would also be attracted by the holy name.” “We are the real United Nations” Madhava Prabhu added.

Both communities had shown an incredible interest while Srila Prabhupada was personally present and clearly that enthusiasm was still alive – as a Uniform family under ISKCON, rather than two ethnic groups subsisting side-by-side. And this was made possible because both the temple authorities and Guru Maharaja were conducting the preaching in a way which perfectly aligned and would be perfectly pleasing to our most munificent and magnificent Commander-in-Chief Srila Prabhupada.

“If we just faithfully follow what Srila Prabhupada gave us – all success is assured” I concluded, feeling incredibly privileged that I would bear witness to the glory of ISKCON unfolding all over the world.

Harinam Sankirtan Yajna ki Jai
Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Guru Maharaja ki Jai
Srila Abhay Caranaravindam Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Guru Maharaja ki Jai

Yours in the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Kṛṣṇārjuna Dāsa

Eternal Travels w/ HH Bhakti Charu Swami: Article 3

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A woman from the Moshi Tribe kindly offering a necklace to HH BCS

13th January
“And then there was one”
After chanting my rounds and having some very interesting conversations with Divya Mataji we sat down for Morning Prasadam consisting of Tepla, muttiya, dokla – my favourite Gujarati dishes. Divya Mataji informed GM that these had been cooked on my request. I shook my head in embarrassment and GM immediately challenged me firmly saying
“Why are you saying no?”
Guru Maharaj was sitting in His usual seat at the head of the table. Guru Maharaj announced that Arun had generously pledged to donate all the steel and plastic needed for the proposed temple in the Tanzanian capital Dar-Es-Salaam.
“It is a very significant contribution – the steel and the plastic is about 50% of the cost of construction,” Guru Maharaj informed us
Despite being in Tanzania for less than 2 full days, it was clear that Guru Maharaj had left a deep impression on Arun who, as a result, was now convinced of the credentials of ISKCON. He had begun to realise that ISKCON was performing the ‘real welfare work’ of serving the interest of the soul over that of the body. Then suddenly Arun had his own announcement
                “Krsnarjuna was talking yesterday of how he wanted to open up a gold mine,” Arun began
I stopped honouring breakfast prasadam and quickly looked at Guru Maharaj contemplating whether I should hide under the table
“But I was watching Him singing [Gopi Gita] last night and he looked so happy that I told Him he shouldn’t worry about gold mines and other such things – he should focus on what he is already doing. He has already found his Gold mine,” said Arun jovially
                “Not a gold mine but a diamond mine….a Cintamani mine” Guru Maharaj concluded.
Prasadam was over and we thanked Arun and Divya heartily for their wonderful hospitality and preaching opportunities they provided us. Due to Yamunacarya Prabhu’s sickness we left at the later than scheduled time of 09.00am. The drive from Arusha, Tanzania, to Nairobi, Kenya, was quite spectacular. Despite the dryness of the Serengeti, due to poor rainfall over the previous two years, trees were still abundant across the plains. The road itself was well tarmacked in the most part, though in some places roadworks blocked the entire road. At such junctures the cars had to pull off the road completely on to the sand banks, causing sand clouds to rise up and billow around the cars.  We were gradually climbing throughout the drive, as Nairobi is located 5000 feet above see level, and we saw many Moshi tribesmen, replete with red clothes and some even with bones in their noses and ears. There was a variety of spectacular fauna and vegetation which covered the Mountain ranges; and even a couple of ostriches. We drove for two hours until we reached Kenyan border control. Guru Maharaj was in the Red Range Rover with Yamunacarya and Arun. Hemanga Prabhu, Caitanya (Arun Prabhu’s family priest) and I were in the Toyota. We parked inside the border and the drivers hopped out to obtain the necessary visas.  From my window I could see Guru Maharaj casually gazing out the half opened window. Then to my horror a hand reached in through the window, brandishing a fist full of cheap necklaces in front of Guru Maharaj’s face
“You buy this, You buy this – cheap price, cheap price,” said the female hawker who was probably from one of the local tribes.
Guru Maharaj was unfazed and simply turned his glance elsewhere, but I was frantically waving to catch the lady’s attention and get her away from Guru Maharaj. She responded to my signal and walked over
                “Hare Krsna” I said
                “Huh” she curled her lips and squinted at me with confusion
                “Huh-ray Krish-nah” - I said the syllables slowly and deliberately so she could understand
                “Huh-ray Krish-nah” she responded in the same mechanical fashion
                “Huh-ray Krish-nah” I said again
“Huh-ray Krish-nah” she again repeated, this time a little more naturally
And on this went until I had completed the whole Maha Mantra. Then I started singing the Maha Mantra and she followed, smiling even more widely as I began recording her on my camera. Two or three mantras were completed until suddenly she began knocking on my window
“Cheap Price, Cheap Price” she said, pointing at the necklaces again
Not wanting to buy anything, but afraid that she would go back and continue pestering Gurudev, I reached over to the driver’s seat and rolled down the window behind me where Hemanga was sitting. I locked the window so that he could not roll it up from the back
“Hey what are you doing” said Hemanga Prabhu,
“Look it’s either this or the woman goes back to harass Gurudev” I said, laughter in my voice
“Why don’t you deal with her?” he retorted, his voice becoming nervous as the woman had caught the bait and was speeding around the car to his back window
“Prabhu, you are 20 years senior to me, you are far more qualified to deal with this than I am” and with that I and Caitanya burst out laughing as a hand emerged through the window in front of Hemanga’s face followed by
“Cheap Price, Cheap Price – you buy now, you buy now”
Guru Maharaj was still sitting in the car beside, and I couldn’t see whether he had witnessed the fun or not. But I felt that my exuberant nature was actually being legitimately engaged in His service. Had I got out of the car and been confrontational in driving the hawkers away from Gurudev, it could have created a disturbance and drawn the police’s attention, potentially stopping us from crossing the border. Had I done nothing, Guru Maharaj would have been placed in an uncomfortable and highly disrespectful situation. So some light-hearted humour had actually served Guru Maharaj well. I felt overjoyed and so appreciative of this service. Whether through Guru Maharaj’s direct orchestration, or as an indirect by-product of acting as His secretary, I was able to fully engage my nature. In my mind I offered obeisances to that most wonderful of personalities, our Spiritual Master.
Soon enough the drivers were back in the car, and we were over the border heading into Nairobi. We reached the outskirts of the town and, to my confusion, both cars pulled over on the motorway.
                “Whats going on” I said
“We are going to the airport Prabhu, Yamunacarya needs to go back to Durban to sort out his health. You and Caitanya should go and sit in that car” Hemanga replied, as Yamunacarya Prabhu was proceeding over to our car.
“Quickly Quickly” Arun called from the Range Rover “it’s not safe to be parked here” his voice trailed of, partially drowned out by a huge lorry that went hurtling inches past Gurudev’s parked car door.
Panicked, I hastily grabbed my bags rushed to the other car, threw them into the boot and jumped into the front passenger seat Yamunacarya had just vacated. Caitanya joined Arun and Guru Maharaj in the back. As we continued on to ISKCON Nairobi my mind reeled. I had been travelling with Guru Maharaj on and off since June 2011, but never had I been entirely alone with Guru Maharaj, not on international flights, not to countries I myself had never been too. How would I cope without the guidance of my senior Godbrothers? I cant cook, I cant lead kirtan, I cant give massages - practically speaking I am just excess baggage for Guru Maharaj. I looked in the rearview mirror and then my misery deepened as I realised my first mistake.  In my haste to get out of the dangerous situation at the side of the road, I had forgotten that Caitanya would also be entering Guru Maharaj’s car – and I should have invited Guru Maharaj to sit in the front
“Guru Maharaj, should we pull over so you can sit in the front?” I asked anxiously observing him scrunched up towards the door, now that Caitanya was sitting in the middle
                “No, its OK” Guru said placating me, with a tilt of His head
I slightly nodded and turned to face out the windscreen, knowing full well that it was NOT OK and that only Guru Maharaj’s enormous tolerance and humility prompted Him to say that. I went off into one of my classic self-deprecating monologues in my mind
“Great Start Krsnarjuna! You are a disaster – and now you are going to make Guru Maharaj’s trip a disaster. Where is your brain? Well clearly you don’t have a brain or you wouldn’t be in this stupid material world”
We were just entering Nairobi, a true urban metropolis. Standstill traffic surrounded us and choked us with their fumes, posters of scantily clad men and women were glaring down trying to flood our consciousness with deathly material desires – this was a far cry from the serene beauty of Arusha.
                “I hate this world. I HATE this world. I HATE THIS WORLD!” was all I could think at that time.
My mind was seriously agitated at this point both at my stupidity and my current surroundings. My teeth were gritted together and my fist was clenched on my knee, when all of a sudden Guru Maharaj pointed up at a tree
“Look at that, is that a sparrow?”
We all gazed up to the trees, lining the central reservation of the motorway
“I think they are vultures Guru Maharaj,” I said, observing some vast birds perched on top of the canopy
“No, they are cranes. But I am talking about the smaller birds in those nests with the opening at the bottom”
A row of exquisitely delicate nests clung hanging from the branches, almost like Christmas decorations. Their openings were at the bottom, and the whole structure seemed to defy the laws of construction – especially when it was considered that the birds had built them with their beaks
“Yes, they are sparrows I think,” Guru Maharaj continued “Just look at those wonderful nests – and so many people claim that animals have no intelligence and that they have no soul. People are so proud of their big big constructions - but look what the animals have always been constructing. You see, it is not the quality of construction which separates man from the animals, it is their ability to inquire about their existence”
We all silently sat staring at the nests and ruminating on Maharaj’s wisdom, then He continued
“And you know these birds catch fireflies and place them inside the nest. They don’t kill them, but they keep them alive, this way the flies will continue to glow and illuminate the nest… See, birds also have electricity in their homes!”
Guru Maharaj’s delivery was so expert, and modern man’s hubris was made so apparent, that all in the car laughed for several minutes. From feeling such aversion towards the material world, I was feeling much more optimism. That was Guru Maharaj’s mercy. He was able to see the beauty; to see Krishna’s arrangement; in the material world. Gurudev can extract it without being affected by the pandemonium, without being sucked into attachment or aversion. And what’s more, Gurudev was able to uplift all those around Him to a similar platform – at least while they were in His personal association. I was feeling great relief as we pulled up to Nairobi temple, and that relief transformed into joy as I saw a dear Godbrother, Kanchanabja Prabhu from London, amongst the devotees waiting to receive Gurudev. A very capable and sincere devotee, Kanchanabja immediately asked if he could help serve Guru Maharaj during his stay in Nairobi. I gladly agreed and thanked Guru Maharaj, Prabhupada and Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu again and again for my most glorious international, interplanetary family - who were always there when I needed them most.
We thanked Arun and Caitanya once more before they departed back, and Guru Maharaj made it clear that it would not be His last visit to Tanzania.
That evening Guru Maharaj gave the opening lecture of a series on Saranagati. A huge crowd had assembled for Guru Maharaj’s first lecture in Kenya – a second first in three days. Guru Maharaj was explaining the different symptoms of Saranagati and concluded the session with Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s Introduction to Saranagati: Sri Krishna Caitanya Prabhu Jive Doya Kori. The mrdnga players didn’t know how to play the rare and complicated 7 beat and as a result the assembled devotees seemed slightly subdued. However Guru Maharaj then broke into Hare Krishna Mantra in a fast 3 beat. Devotees clapped, then stood up, and soon enough the mats which covered the temple room floor were cast aside and young, old, Indian, African and Caucasian were all dancing together. Guru Maharaj was intensely singing his trade mark ragas as the devotees swayed in lines and wheeled in circles of ecstasy. Guru Maharaj had firstly presented the formula of Saranagati in his lecture, but now he was practically inspiring Saranagati in His Kirtan.
Harinam Sankirtan ki Jai
Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Guru Maharaj ki Jai
Srila Abhay Caranaravindam Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Guru Maharaj ki Jai

Yours in the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Kṛṣṇārjuna Dāsa 

Eternal Travels w/ HH Bhakti Charu Swami: Article 2

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HH Bhakti Charu Swami on a tour of Arun Lodhia Prabhu's Plastic and Steel Factories - Arusha, Tanzania

12th January

“2 Steps back, 3 steps forward”

Having slept in taxis and planes for the last 2 nights I slept incredibly soundly and woke up without alarm at 3.30 feeling fully refreshed. I headed for the bathroom to wash and hopefully chant my rounds with Guru Maharaj. However the bathroom was engaged.
“Ok well I’ve only slept for a few hours another hour won’t hurt” I thought.
I returned to bed and woke up an hour later, again without alarm, and proceeded for the bathroom. Locked again! What a coincidence, I thought. By now I needed to respond to nature but was reluctant to start searching the house for another bathroom – especially if I was to use a bathroom designated for Guru Maharaj. So again I returned to sleep – not out of tiredness but simply out of a need to distract myself from my bodily discomfiture. Another 40 minutes till after 05.00 went by and I proceeded to the bathroom once more. Still locked! Now this was an emergency situation. I forgot all decorum and ran into the reception rooms of the house – barging past the live-in Hindu Pandit in Arun’s house (the Lodia’s actually have 10 full time employees). Frantically I burst into the first door I could find – supersoul had been merciful - it was a toilet, though there was no shower. I was relieved but still frustrated.
As I returned to my room and passed by a window I saw an outdoor courtyard, almost like an angan. It was enclosed by the house on three sides and a tree lined fence on the other. In the middle was a swimming pool and Guru Maharaj was calmly circumambulating the pool chanting. Again I ran to check the bathroom but of course it was still locked.
“Great!” I thought to myself “I’m gonna miss Guru Maharaj chanting.”
I had never chanted with Guru Maharaj, but Pankajlochan Krsna Dasa was saying that whenever He is able, He sits and chants his rounds with Gurudev, and that these are invariably his most ecstatic. So I sat in my room and waited until the bathroom vacated. When I heard the devotee coming out I quickly got up, washed, dressed and was outside by 06.15. Guru Maharaj was still outside, but now He was talking with Yamunacarya and Hemanga. Shyly I went to the other side of the pool and chanted. When Guru Maharaj was proceeding back inside I joined the group
“Did you sleep well?” Guru Maharaj asked me with a smile, seeing as the other 2 had been up and out well before me
                ‘Yes Guru Maharaj, very well”
Guru Maharaj smiled and went in and the devotee who had been occupying the bathroom said quietly to me
                “Sorry about that, I take quite a long time when I am in the bathroom”
                “That’s alright Prabhu” I said falsely.
“30 minutes is a long time” I thought to myself. “That was more like a day of Brahma!”
At breakfast that day Arun was insistent that Tanzania was the best place in the world for Safari and that next year Guru Maharaj must accompany him.
“Do you know that I have been involved in South Africa for over 20 years” began Guru Maharaj “and not once have I gone on Safari”
                “But this is different, this is like a fully interactive zoo and…”
“Do you know what the definition of a zoo is…?” Guru Maharaj asked the question to all 7 of us around the breakfast table “A zoo is a place where animals get the chance to observe human behaviour.”
Guru Maharaj’s unexpected delivery caused everyone to laugh. But it was a very shrewd point allegory unearthing ideas of the folly of modern human behaviour; the animal maybe in a visible cage in a zoo, but non-devotees are similarly encaged by unrestrained senses and desires from the modes of nature.
After breakfast Guru Maharaj asked me to hand wash some clothes. I started immediately, determined to do a good job. After I had commenced, Hemanga Prabhu came in and told me that Guru Maharaj was leaving to tour Arun’s factories
                “What should I do?” I asked, wrapped in a gamcha with suds up to my elbows
                “Don’t worry, you stay here. I was just letting you know we are going”
I was very disappointed. I tried to stop the feeling from coming, but it happened all the same. Here I was washing cloth, when everyone else was off exploring Tanzania and the factories, Arun’s shop and the rest. Then I checked myself as I held Guru Maharaj’s Dhoti in my hand.
                “What is the matter with you” my internal dialogue became vocal
“How many people would give anything to be in the position, even for a week, even for a day? Why are you here? Is this a pleasure cruise or a quick getaway? You are Guru Maharaj’s secretary by designation and slave by constitution. You are here to assist His preaching, to assist the dissemination of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mercy, Srila Prabhupada’s mercy. Anyway you are not capable or competent enough to do anything substantial and all Guru Maharaj has asked of you is to wash His clothes. Is that so hard? Is that not a privilege’
Feeling much better I carried on washing Guru Maharaj’s clothes joyfully. In fact I washed them three times, scrubbing stains which weren’t there and even adding scented soap. And I harboured a hope to that I could do such a service for Guru Maharaj for the rest of my existence. Nothing would be better for me than being the menial servant of Srila Prabhupada’s dear personal servant.
When Guru Maharaj arrived after the visit I was typing my entry for the 11th January. He walked into the room silently and from behind the sofa on which I was sitting, and inquired
                ‘Where were you?’
‘Guru Maharaj!’ I exclaimed. Despite having been with Guru Maharaj for the best part of 6 months, I still feel anxiety if I have not paid obeisances when He walks in, or have failed to acknowledge His presence in the room.  “I am sorry; I was washing your clothes”
                “You should have come.  You could have washed them in the afternoon.”
Guru Maharaj is an expert swimmer. He was in the pool completing lengths with expert form. After a while He went and sat in the Jacuzzi.
                “Is it on,” asked Guru Maharaj looking the rather feeble jets of water
“Yes it is swami-ji” said Sailesh, a wonderful friendly Tanzanian that was around for the entirety of Guru Maharaj’s stay
                “But the pressure is so low”
                “Let me go and check what’s happening with it” said Sailesh’
“No all you have to do is turn these white dials” I interjected, and with a firm twist of the first white dial a jet switched on. I smiled triumphantly and glanced towards Guru Maharaj to see if He was impressed
                “My one isn’t working," said Sailesh
“Let me show you” I said revelling in my expertise.
This dial was more firmly screwed in than the previous one so with some difficulty I wrenched it open. Instead of activating another water jet, water started spilling out from under the dial and all over the patio surrounding the Jacuzzi. Guru Maharaj chuckled at me. I tried a couple more dials and the neither one worked. I realised immediately my mistake as Guru Maharaj stared at me, smiling all the while. One should never feel too expert or superior in front of anyone – especially when the Guru is present (and He always is as Caitya Guru in the heart). If one exhibits some ability he can take no credit. Krishna’s benediction is that He bestows the opulence on the individual, and Guru’s grace is that He guides the disciple properly, allowing one to utilise his Krishna-given opulence.
                “I can’t do anything but get out of Guru and Krishna’s way,” I thought apologetically.
Desperate to give daily instalments and enable our illustrious ISKCON family to revel in the preaching exploits of Guru Maharaj in East Africa, wherever I went I took my laptop. And wherever my laptop went, it frustrated me.
“Alright, you are going in the pool” I said to my laptop, wielding it above my head, as it had switched off inexplicably for the second time, before I could save what I had typed
“You need a new laptop?” inquired Sailesh casually
“Yes. I can’t do anything for Guru Maharaj with this one,” I said despondently
“Done” and after a quick call and a couple of hours the extraordinarily generous Sailesh presented me with a new HP laptop.
This was Guru Maharaj’s mercy again and His words of the son of the rich father echoed in my ears. Even though the father wasn’t directly giving to me now, it was His friends. It also made me realise that there is no scarcity in this world. And if we show even a drop of sincerity in our service, or we are simply trying to serve someone sincere then Krishna will arrange all facility.
Guru Maharaj had a hectic evening schedule. It so happened that Draupadi Devi Dasi had replicated her highly successful sweet shop from Nairobi in Arusha and the opening was that day. Guru Maharaj was due to attend at 5pm, but He also had a programme at 5.30 at Arun’s house and many local people were invited. People were pestering me from 4pm to ask Guru Maharaj to go to the shop. I went to Guru Maharaj’s room on several occasions but there was no sound coming from inside.
“Guru Maharaj must be resting,” I thought, and notified everyone else accordingly.
Having learnt in New Orleans the previous June that Guru Maharaj is such a light sleeper and can be woken by the opening of a door, I desisted from notifying Guru Maharaj until 5.00pm exactly – then too only because Arun was visibly nervous that Guru Maharaj had a programme to go to before the whole town descended onto His house for Guru Maharaj’s main programme.
Guru Maharaj was silent as we waited for the car to arrive to take us to the sweet shop, then suddenly He turned to me
                “Why speculate? Why did you tell everyone I was sleeping when I wasn’t”
I felt like going into a deep sleep right there because I was so embarrassed. Or maybe I was asleep and this was some sort of a nightmare
                “Guru Maharaj I was listening outside your room and I couldn’t hear anything soo…”
                “You couldn’t hear anything? What did you expect to hear? Drums banging, people dancing?”
Guru Maharaj’s response exposed me so clearly to be the ridiculous fool that I am that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – I probably did a bit of both.
“Anyway...” Guru Maharaj said, in His own inimitable way. The car pulled up; Guru Maharaj settled down on the back seat. I sat in the front, though I felt like diving in front of the wheels.
We pulled up to the new Prasadam Shop organised by Draupadi Mataji and her family. It was wonderfully arranged and Guru Maharaj was clearly pleased. After we performed a caran-abhishek Guru Maharaj took a brief tour. He noted the selection of sweets and the book distribution that was going and praised both. He was offered a Rasa Gulla and was so impressed that He gave a ringing endorsement later on intimating that having appeared in Bengal He was naturally a connoisseur when it came to milk sweets, and that the Rasa Gulla sweets from this shop were first rate.
Guru Maharaj’s final programme of that day was the main event of Guru Maharaj’s stay in Tanzania as many of the friends and family of Arun had the wonderful good fortune of attending Guru Maharaj’s class. He began by talking of His spiritual journey, His initial unsuccessful quest to find a Guru and finally His first interaction with Srila Prabhupada through the Nectar of Devotion.
“I read all night until I fell asleep. Then immediately after waking I picked up the book and carried on reading. And in fact that night I had dreamt of Srila Prabhupada. He was sitting on what I thought was a Throne, but now I know to be a Vyasasana.”
Thereafter Guru Maharaj began speaking on the different types of liberation four of which are favourable and one which is unfavourable, comparing the material world to a prison house. This description went on for at least 20 minutes when Guru Maharaj then said
“And all of this is found only in the first page of Nectar Devotion – who can contest that this is not the topmost knowledge?”
The audience were in rapt attention. Given that for 95% of the audience this was their first contact with ISKCON they were unimaginably absorbed. Guru Maharaj’s spiritual potency had riveted them all.  Guru Maharaj’s mild manners and approachability means that neophytes like myself can become forgetful of Guru Maharaj’s colossal preaching power. No chance this evening though.
After class Guru Maharaj sang Gopi Gita with an explanation just before.
“Would you be able to sing Gopi Gita with an explanation Swamiji” Divya MAtaji had requested the previous night.
I smiled internally, knowing that no one else on this planet would be more able to do so.
Guru Maharaj gave a sweet explanation on the Gopi Gita, selecting verses 1,2,3,4 & 9 explaining the song word by word. He went on to sing, and despite there not being a capable enough Mrdnga player to properly compliment the rendition, Guru Maharaj went on undisturbed. Gurudev’s eyes were closed, His voice reverberated with spiritual emotion and His face reflected the contents of His meditation. Guru Maharaj sang and sang and sang. And all we could do was imitate.
In this connexion, I have been told that HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj has commented about our exalted Spiritual Master, that when He does devastate us and decides to quit this material universe, He will depart the material creation singing the Gopi Gita. His song will be so beautiful and so melodious that all the demi-gods headed by Lord Brahma will rush to follow Guru Maharaj, just to catch a note of His pure devotion.

Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Guru Maharaj ki Jai
Srila Abhay Caranaravindam Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Guru Maharaj ki Jai

Yours in the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Kṛṣṇārjuna Dāsa

Eternal Travels with HH Bhakti Charu Swami - Article 1

29 de enero de 2012 a la(s) 20:54

Arunl Lodhia Prabhu greeting HH Bhakti Charu Swami to his home - Arusha, Tanzania

 Wednesday 11th January:

“Wonderful arrangements”

I arrived in Johannesburg at 4.30 Am on the morning of the 11th January having been in transit since the 11 am on the 9th. 42 hours had separated me from Guru Maharaj. I had travelled from Galle to the Bandanarike International airport in Colombo. I waited 14 hours in the Sri Lankan capital for a delayed flight which took me from Sri Lanka to Abu Dhabi. I roamed about Abu Dhabi for another 14 hours passing the time until my connecting flight - an 8 hour stint to South Africa.

While the mammoth journey was not over - we would be flying to Nairobi at 9 am - and from there on a private flight to Tanzania - my fatigue had vanished as I anticipated Guru Maharaj's Darshan. Finally, I would again be in the shelter of Guru Maharaj's Vapu.

I called Hemanga Caitanya Prabhu and after an abysmally distorted phone call I determined that they were on the 4th floor of a hotel in the airport – the Airport Sun. I rushed out of the terminal to the hotel and upstairs to the 4th floor.

“Give me 10 minutes, after my shower I'll come and get you,” Hemanga Prabhu assured me.

 Another delay, but I persevered, recalling a sloka I had read on the plane just before: BG 18.33 "O son of Påthä, that determination which is unbreakable, which is sustained with steadfastness by yoga practice, and which thus controls the activities of the mind, life and senses is determination in the mode of goodness."

10 minutes elapsed, then 15, then 20 still no sign of Hemanga. Finally an SMS from him instructed me to 'come to room 426'. I explored the whole floor - the numbers finished at 415. Unimpressed, I rang Hemanga Caitanya

"Prabhu there is no 426"
"Yes there is, wait…where are you?"
"Airport sun"
"Why are you there? We are in the Southern Sun"

Yet another delay - I leapt up and ran downstairs to the shuttle bus which would take me to the Southern Sun and soon enough I was scampering towards room 426. I knocked on the door and it opened

"Hare Krishna Prabhu!" I burst out.
"Hare Krishna" Hemanga replied, slightly bemused.
"Where is Guru Maharaj?” I said, neglecting proper formalities and greetings. I peered over his shoulder as he stood in the doorway. I was happy to see another exalted God Brother Yamunacarya Prabhu, but there was no sign of Guru Maharaj.

“Oh Gurudev is staying elsewhere”

My heart sank. "Krishna!" I replied, as my fatigue flooded back, suddenly overwhelming me.

"But not to worry we are meeting him at 7.30 o’clock at the terminal"

Composing myself I went inside, disappointed at another set-back in meeting Gurudev, but greatly appreciative of the hospitality of my God brothers. Throughout the morning both Hemanga Caitanya Prabhu and Yamunacarya Prabhu perfectly exhibited the welcoming and warm Vaisnava behaviour which Guru Maharaj demands – “we should create such an atmosphere that people never want to leave,” Guru Maharaj has told me on numerous occasions. Despite being 20 years senior to me, I felt completely at home, a true sense of being amongst family.

Time ticked by and we finally pulled up at the airport. My eyes were scanning and rescanning the entrance to the terminal – yet there was still no sign of Gurudev. My exasperation was finally replaced with jubilation when Maharaj did arrive. And arrive he did in a CL55 AMG replete with sports kit and 22 inch alloys. For those of you who have not wasted their life researching cars - this is one of the flagship models of the Mercedes Benz Brand.

I was delighted that Guru Maharaj should arrive in such a prestigious way. It reminded me of my father's descriptions of times when Srila Prabhupada was chauffer driven in top-of-the-range-Fords and stately town cars around the USA.

'Not only did Srila Prabhupada have the finest Ford Cars, but he had Mr Ford (Ambarish Prabhu) as His Chauffeur!’ my father would tell me.

I was overjoyed that similar pomp was given to Srila Prabhupada's representative, and Guru Maharaj stepped out of the car with His inimitable beaming smile and warm words of greeting. I felt re-enveloped in the joy of Guru Maharaj’s association and floated through check-in, the security terminal and up the escalator to the entrance of the business class lounge until I was rudely jolted by a harsh "NO" by the receptionist of the business class lounge

"You can come back and get Him later - everyone must be a Gold member to enter,” the receptionist barked

"But he is a senior priest in our tradition, it would be inappropriate to leave him alone" I protested

"Look, I won’t eat anything, I won’t drink anything, I won’t touch anything - I just want to be with my spiritual master” added Yamunacarya

“No, this is not negotiable. Only those who are gold members can go in,” the receptionist asserted with finality.

Not wanting to make a scene I turned to inquire from Guru Maharaj what to do next - but He was already proceeding toward the lounge, with Hemanga Caitanya in pursuit. Hemanga had capitalised on the receptionist’s diverted attention, and was hastily following behind Guru Maharaj, unbeknownst to the airport staff.

"OK, policy is policy" I said, now completely pacified.

Much to the receptionist’s surprise Yamunacarya and I suddenly stopped protesting and smilingly left the lounge and waited for Guru Maharaj until we boarded the plane and headed to Nairobi.

Immediately after disembarking in Nairobi we were escorted to the first class lounge by a group of airport officials, Headed by Guru Maharaj's contact Arun Lodhia Prabhu. The appearance of Guru Maharaj and His entourage caused quite a stir in the Kenyan airport - heads were turning, whispers were murmured and the crowds of tourists parted as we walked by. One elderly American couple even approached us and asked if Guru Maharaj was the Dalai Lama

'No No' I corrected them 'This is Sri Srimad Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj - he is a Gaudiya Vaisnava Sannyasi. Guru Maharaj is the type of personality the Dalai Lama would go to for advice'

'Ohhh, OK. Yup, we get you' the couple said, whilst nodding wide eyed in awe and wonderment.

Guru Maharaj was honouring his prashad on a steel plate at this point, surrounded by the welcoming party in Nairobi. All eyes were on Guru Maharaj and rightly so. You won’t get any benefit by idolising a mundane sports personality of film hero - but just by appreciating Guru Maharaj it was clear that these individuals were acquiring invaluable sukriti.

Prashad finished promptly and we proceeded out of the terminal towards our private plane that Arun Prabhu had chartered for us from Nairobi in Kenya to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania. Material nature decided to frustrate me once again as I discovered that my 'waterproof, shock proof, shatter proof' HD video camera was not 'internal memory crash proof' and so the wonderful maiden voyage of 'ISKCON AIRWAYS', which consisted of Guru Maharaj + 5 devotees clambering onto the 8 seater plane and soaring across the African Savannah, has not be documented for years to come. However we did capture still shots of Guru Maharaj looking at Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s tallest mountain) and Mount Meru (yes, Meru from the Bhagavatam) as we flew low between the two peaks.

The plane journey was smooth for the most part, punctuated only by, what Guru Maharaj termed 'Arun's wonderful sense of humour':

'So you run an iron and steel business Arun?' Guru Maharaj queried

'Yes that's right, with my brother. He does the ironing and I do the stealing.'

[Laughter from all assembled devotees and pilots]

However as we passed the clouds around the summit of Kilimanjaro the weather had turned rainy and the plane shuddered and tumbled downwards as we made our descent into Kilimanjaro International Airport. I clutched my seat white knuckled, intensely chanting the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra aloud. But Guru Maharaj remained his composed and graceful self, as he mildly talked with Arun. He talked of the sparseness of the population and business potential of East Africa - reminding me again of how Guru Maharaj is expert in creating an empathy with His audience, ultimately to deliver the message of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as presented by Srila Prabhupada.

We touched down in Kilimanjaro airport and after sitting briefly with a welcoming party of well-to-do Tanzanians, we were off to Arun's home in Arusha in another fully loaded car - a sports red Range Rover, replete with expert Tanzanian driver Suleh. All heads turned as we sped homeward in the Shiny 4x4 vehicle along the simple road to the Arusha. The rain that had started whilst we were on the plane continued to beat down.

“It’s usually very green on this drive not brown like it is now. This is the first rain we have had in 9 months, and first decent rain in almost two years” Arun pointed out.

“It only started a few minutes before you landed,” Suleh added.

Amazed, I chimed in “You know rain often signifies the occurrence of an auspicious event.”

“Absolutely” agreed Arun “and this [Maharaj's visit] is definitely one of those events.”

And Guru Maharaj for the remainder of the journey exhibited why His presence anywhere is an auspicious event. On this occasion Guru Maharaj demonstrated his encyclopaedic knowledge or in other words His immense capacity to know almost everything about everything. This time Guru Maharaj discussed Horticulture

“You see that red flower over there, in Bengal that is called Krishna Chura - the crown of Krishna”

“And that yellow one is Beaugonvelia. It is usually used for hedging”

'But that blue one I am not familiar with - do you know Arun?'

"To be honest Swami, no. In fact I don’t know much about anything. Except how to make money. If want to know how to make five bananas from one banana then you can ask me"

[Laughter all round, Arun’s humour was back]

Even more beautiful than the flowers was the dramatic landscape. Swathes of uninhabited savannah flanked us left and right. Behind us was Africa's tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro. In front of us was a mountain from Vedic times, mount Meru. As I was appreciating the beauty Guru Maharaj mentioned the anecdote of the son with a rich father. The son can disobey the father's rules, and live independently - but he will struggle so hard to survive. But if he surrenders to the father, automatically the son will have all facility, and additionally he will have the irreplaceable loving relationship with the father. It dawned on me, that if I was still in London I would be a slave to my job. I would make millions but spend just as much. Trips such as this would be once in a lifetime and would take months of planning, if not years. And yet I had only found out that I was going to Tanzania on a private plane only that morning. My father, my eternal spiritual father, Srila Prabhupada's representative to me, had made that arrangement. And He was sitting behind me, protecting and guiding the course of my life for my eternal benefit. I had done nothing to deserve this. I was not even a son surrendered to His father. In fact often times I would lament that why is my father asking me to do this or that, better I drink poison and enter fire, why should I give up all of my filthy habits?’ Yet despite all my disqualifications and shortcomings, simply by endeavouring to be by the side of my father all facility was given to me – and so much more besides.

As a rare feeling of gratefulness was awakening within my stony heart we arrived in Arusha to an immaculate reception in an immaculate home. An Aarti was offered to Guru Maharaj at the door and Guru Maharaj was then seated atop a platform on a swing bench decorated in flowers. Guru Maharaj addressed the 20+ eager guests who had assembled there:

‘It is my great pleasure to be here with you all…’ Guru Maharaj’s preaching in Tanzania had begun.

After a short address at Arun Prabhu and Divya Mataji’s home, Guru Maharaj rested and then gave a talk at the local Mandir. Hemanga Caitanya Prabhu asked me to introduce Guru Maharaj – so I rambled on for 5 to 6 minutes in English to a predominantly Hindi speaking crowd, but Guru Maharaj appreciated my efforts and ruffled my hair encouragingly as He introduced Hemanga, Yamunacarya and myself.

Guru Maharaj’s talk was wonderful and tailored for the devotionally young, but pious crowd. Gurudev, as always, was emphasising Srila Prabhupada and Srila Prabhupada’s unparalleled contribution to the spiritual rejuvenation of the planet as well as the incredible impact Srila Prabhupada had on Him personally. The most moving part of the class was when Guru Maharaj gave a glimpse of his heart and overwhelming gratitude to Srila Prabhupada for engaging him exclusively in ISKCON

“After I met Srila Prabhupada I surrendered my life so I could spend it all for the service of ISKCON. And I pray that I can remain in this service Birth after Birth.”

So from a conversation in an airport lounge in Dubai, Guru Maharaj was being flown internationally by a millionaire steel magnate in a private plane. He was preaching to scores of captivated locals and charming the hearts of all. This was a wonderful start to the East African tour and testimony to the unique spiritual magnetism which Guru Maharaj possesses.

Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Guru Maharaj ki JAI
Srila Abhay Caranaravindam Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Guru Maharaj ki Jai

Yours in the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Kṛṣṇārjuna Dāsa






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