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Selección de notas de Krishna Prema - mayo 2014

काहू के काहू को बल हरि, हमहिं तुमहिं विस्वास |
कोउ कर योग यज्ञ दानादिक, कोउ कर जप उपवास |
कोउ कर चारिधाम तिरथ अरु, कोउ कर काशीवास |
कोउ कर आस स्वर्ग अपवर्गहिं, कोउ बैकुण्ठ विलास |
हम गोपाल! तिहारिहीं, करत आस बनि दास ||
O Lord! You are my one and only hope. In this world, different people rely on different means but I trust only you. There are some who practice austerities, sacrifices, alms-givings, etc and some go for chanting, fasting, etc. Some go on the pilgrimage of all the four shrines and some reside in Kashi. Some desire for heaven and liberation, while some for the opulence of Vaikunth. But, I long only for You (Gopal), like a humble servant.
Jai shri hai...
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Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Das

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Ri bansi kaun tap tein kiyo
Rahat giridhar mukh hi lagi 
Adharan ko ras piyo 
Shyam sundar kamal lochan 
Tohi tan man diyo

Sur shri gopal bas bhayen
Jagat mein yash liyo

Oh flute! how did you performed a penance .
you keep in touch with the mouth of Giridhar(lord krishna)and you keep on relishing his lips .
Charming Shyam who has his eyes like lotus has devoted his body and mind to you .
surdas ji says that shree Gopal has become subjugated to you and in this way you earned fame in this world .
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Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Das

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On this special occasion or Mothers day.. Here is the beautiful story for you... Jai shri hari..
Once Krishna was playing outside. He came running and rushed to His mother because He was hungry. But Mother Yashoda was going to do some housework. Krishna said, “Mum, Mum, I want curd, butter.” Mother said, “No, I’m working. Go out and play. Come after half an hour.” This was the scene. Young Krishna is pulling His mother’s sari, and trying to see into her eyes. Children know if they look into their mother’s eyes, mother will do what they want. They know her weakness. Mother also knows her weak part. Krishna is trying to look in His mother’s eyes and Yashoda is trying to avoid looking in Krishna’s eyes. With one hand, Yashoda is trying to keep Krishna away from her sari, and says while looking the other way, “Go and play! I’ll give you curd afterwards.”
There were some Gopis (maidens of Braj) there. The Gopis couldn’t say anything because after all, the mother of Krishna has more authority, and she was liked as the queen of Braj. But the Gopiswere thinking, “If mother could do her work afterwards and take Krishna in her lap now, it would be better.” But, Mother Yashoda didn’t want it that way.
At this time, Sage Narad arrived. When he saw this scene he couldn’t believe his eyes or ears. “What am I seeing? O, Yashoda, the Vedas state that God is supreme, and a devotee is humble. A devotee always wants to reach God, but here I am seeing the reverse! Who is greater? Who is smaller? I can’t decide. I know Krishna is the supreme form of God and Yashoda is a Divine personality, yet the supreme God is trying to go into the lap of Mother Yashoda, a Saint. Things have become reversed! I never heard of such a meditation or devotion or worship in the Vedas which can make the supreme form of God as humble, as loving, as devoted as I am seeing now in Braj.” He said a few prayers, kept on looking at that beautiful scene of surrender where the supreme form of God surrenders to a Divine personality.
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Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Das

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Krishna Prema - कृष्ण प्रेम. A mother is always superme then anything.. Never ever hurt ur mother.. She is the supreme lord... Jai shri hari... 
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Ami Krishna Parmar Beautiful pic 
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There are three entities: the lover, the Beloved and Love. That which unites the lover and the Beloved, is called Love. In other words, Love is the intimate union of the lover and the Beloved. The lover is the one who loves the entity "Beloved". And the "Beloved" is he, towards whom love is directed. He is the one who possesses Divine Love.
This "Love" is God's most intimate personal power, which can be attained only by the Grace of a Rasik Saint. It cannot be attained through personal effort. This is why even the greatest yogis, paramahansas beg for Divine Love. The treasure house of this Love is Shree Krishna and His associates alone. No one else can lay claim to owning this power called "Love". No personality controlled by Maya, not even the king of heaven, can occupy the seat of the Beloved. Therefore, no material personality can be the Beloved.
We have to begin by developing the two sentiments within us: "I am His," and "He is mine." Let us consider both of these carefully. Which of the two sentiments do you prefer? Do you prefer to think, "I am His," or "He is mine?" Some prefer to think, "I am His." Some prefer to think, "He is mine." However, "He is mine" is a superior sentiment. "He is mine", that is all. "I do not care whether or not He considers me His. There is no doubt about my being His, because I am a part of Him, I have an eternal and natural bond with Him and cannot be anyone else's."
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Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Das

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So that you'll complete marathon race.
In Bhakti the pattern is not the same. 
Devotional spirit only wayfor Krishna gain.
♡Hare Krishna♡
According to the Varaha Purana, as quoted by Srila Jiva Gosvami, there is no difference between the water of the Ganges and the Yamuna, but when the water of the Ganges is sanctified one hundred times, it is called the Yamuna.
(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.19.6 purport)

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